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General Information





Chief Security/Tactical Officer














Physical Appearance


7' 6"





Eye Color




Hair Color



Personality & Traits

General Overview

Athletic build, fair-skinned, with short, curly hair. On his head, is a red, miniature, pantograph, similar to the ones on the power car of Acela express trainset, on Earth... It is usually retracted (folded) position. It would only be raised in an emergency.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Excellent skills with most phaser types, adept at hand-to-hand combat, above-average diplomatic skills well-honed problem solving skills.
Tendency to lose temper, after consuming too much alcohol. Can be a bit too picky about minute details.



To be the best Starfleet Security Officer and one day command his own Starship.


Hobbies & Interests

Running, most physical sports and martial-arts sparring, enjoys holodeck adventures as well.



Straightforward, yet has a wicked sense of humor. But while on duty, he is all business. He can be quite social and friendly, a great asset in situations requiring diplomacy and tact.



Am'tra was born, Alan Reams in Lewes, Delaware, to Warren and Diane Reams, in Earth's 21st Century. Alan had 3 other siblings, Robby, Leanne, and Dennis, each approximately 5-6 years apart, with Alan being the oldest. Alan stayed in Lewes for about 24 years, then moved to Washington and soon began working for the Amtrak, until one fateful day, when he was transformed, through an infusion, initiated by an unknown species, called Thalaxians.
That day started out normally, with Mr Reams, now aged 24, beginning his day at the Acela Express maintenance facility, in Ivy City, Washington, D.C. He was one of the electricians, who regularly maintained the pantographs on the power cars of the Acela Express trainsets. Everything went smoothly, until about 3:30 pm, when, as Reams was replacing the carbon strips on a trainset's  pantographs.  Just then, something went horribly wrong and a section of the overhead centenary wire, slacked and fell on him. The grounding pole, used to "shunt" off the 12,000-volt power failed and all that electricity coursed through Alan's body. He was laid out, his heart stopped. 
At the same time, a large, cloaked, Thalaxian "science vessel", was settling into a geosynchronous orbit, undetected by the world's atmospheric sensor systems. The vessel, settled over the Ivy City facility, when the accident was seen on the vessel's main viewscreen. It settled right above the area where Reams was. Alan lay still, clinically dead...
Moments later, an enormous, intense blue bolt of energy, streaked downward, through the building's roof, struck the power car's slightly raised pantograph. The bolt travelled along the head, through the pantograph itself and into Alan! The beam settled, formed a small "vortex", then retreated back up, through the pantograph, up to the vessel. The retreating beam left something behind - a miniature, red, retracted pantograph, similar to the one on the power car! Not only that, Alan had grown a foot taller! He was now 7'6", instead of 6'6".  
When Alan came to, a tall, blue-skinned, robed man stood across from him, on the car's roof, nearly startling him. The man identified himself as Se'lan of Thalax and proceeded to explain his presence and what was done to him. He then gave him a transparent container, carrying an isolinear chip. This contained all the information need to confirm what had been done to Alan. Se'lan then explained to Alan, that this was done, to spare his life.  
This infusion, which was a type of DNA transfer/blending is what triggered the appearance of the miniature pantograph. That was the by-product of the "source-beam" passing through the power car's pantograph, which acted as the beam's conductor/conduit. As a result of the DNA's infusion, Alan now had many of the same attributes of the Thalaxian race. the only two major differences were retention of original skin/hair/eye color and the "addition" of the pantograph, which also consisted of living tissue, despite it looking and feeling like a pantograph. One of the attributes acquired was an extended lifespan - aging one Thalaxian year, for every one HUNDRED Earthian years.
Also, upon infusion, the Alan was instructed to take on a name, denoting the outward sign of the infusion, yet was also Thalaxian as well. Alan took the name, "Am'tra", a variation of Amtrak, plus the the pantograph on Alan's head, resembled the one on the Acela Express power car. Alan's family, friends and co-workers were asked to address him by that new name. As Am'tra discovered the full potential of his abilities, which manifested, only when he raised his pantograph, by his will. Am'tra worked for Amtrak, before becoming a full time as a peace officer.  By the time Starfleet was formed, Am'tra was already centuries old, yet appeared to be in his mid-20s. He still hesitated to join as he felt there was more to do.
Finally, one year, after a particularly harrowing year, Am'tra, became restless and disillusioned with life, as a whole and decided to join Starfleet, and subsequently, Am'tra applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy, choosing to specialize in Security. His Academy years were a challenge, both to Am'tra and the staff, for whenever he raised his pantograph, he would become as fast and powerful as the high-speed train he used to work on! Am'tra eventually graduated with a grade point average equivalent of 3.0. Upon graduation, Am'tra was assigned to a small, Steamrunner-class vessel, until he received transfer orders to his new assignment,
Notes: Am'tra is NOT immortal, despite his special abilities. He still needs to raise his pantograph to use them. One way to prevent access to his special abilities, is to physically restrict the raising of his pantograph. Plus, Am'tra can be hurt, just like anyone else, but he is able to "heal", by auto-regenerating his pantograph, if damaged or destroyed, or through modified regenerators "tuned" to his pantograph's "DNA".