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Deck Layout

Deck 1: Captainís Ready Room, Main Bridge, Briefing Room

Deck 2: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters

Deck 3: Officers Quarters, Holosuites, VIP/Officer's Mess

Deck 4: NCO Quarters, Enlisted Crew Mess, Galley

Deck 5: Main Phaser and Fire Control, Auxiliary Control Room and Support,
Impulse Engines and Engineering Support

Deck 6: Primary Life Support Systems, Primary Computer Core Control,
Cargo Bay 1 & 2, Holodeck 1 and 2

Deck 7: Computer Core, Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Primary Science Labs,
Counselor's Office

Deck 8: Computer Core, Junior Officers and Crew Quarters, Main Lounge, Secondary Science Labs,
Fusion Power Generators 1 and 2

Deck 9: Interconnecting Dorsal/Intermix Shaft/Turbolifts, Forward Torpedo Bay Control,
Forward Torpedo Bay Magazine, Armory, Holding Cells, Chief Tactical Officer's Office

Deck 10: Transporter Room 1, Interconnecting Dorsal/Intermix Shaft/Turbolifts, Forward Torpedo Launchers,
Shuttlebay Hangar and Maintenance Section

Deck 11: Upper Engineering Support Area, Machine Shop, Primary Maintenance Support Center,
Shuttlebay, Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly,
Deuterium Storage Tanks  

Deck 12: Main Engineering, Primary Systems Support Compartment, Living Quarters, Shuttle Bay,
Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly, Fusion Power Generators 3 and 4  

Deck 13: Living Quarters, Primary Shuttle Maintenance Hangar, Main Deflector Auxiliary Systems,
Emergency Batteries / Fusion Power Generators 4-6, Aft Phaser and Torpedo Weapon Control,
Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly, Emergency Transporter Rooms 1 and 2     

Deck 14: Secondary Deflector Control, Living Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Cargo Bay 1,
Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly, Engineering Section Impulse Engine Control and Support Centre,
Engineering Section Impulse Engines, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters

Deck 15: Recreation Deck/Zero-G Gymnasium, Crew Lounge, Deuterium Storage,
Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly, Engineering Section Impulse Engines,
Nacelle Power Transfer Assembly, Nacelle Personnel Transfer Conduit,
Primary and Emergency Deflector Dish Graviton Polarity Generators,
Subspace field distortion generators, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters

Deck 16: Tertiary Multipurpose Laboratories, Transporter Room 2, Emergency Transporter Room 3-4,
Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly, Cargo Bay 3 - Primary Cargo Bay,
Cargo Bay 2, Cargo Bay 4, Cargo Transporters 2, 3 and 4.

Deck 17: Waste Recycling, Environmental Control, Emergency Batteries, Brig,
Secondary Computer Core, Anti-matter Generators, Gravimetric Polaron Generators,
Secondary Shield Generators, Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly

Deck 18: Anti-matter Injectors, Warp Core - M/ARA Reaction Assembly,
Emergency Gravimetric Polaron Generators, Tractor Beam Generator, fore and aft Tractor Beam assemblies


Information Supplied By The ACTD