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ENSIGN (Only when the character starts at Cadet):
Nearly all officers will begin at Ensign unless they have proven more capable by the CO's estimation.

Requires having served actively with at least one post per week on average at Ensign for the majority of one mission. Also requires an active effort to improve posting and background quality, as per the CO's advice.

Requires having served actively with at least 1 post per week on average at Lieutenant junior grade for an entire mission. Must also have demonstrated quality postings and character background development.

Requires having served actively with at least 1 post per week on average at Lieutenant for 2 complete missions. Also requires an interest in assisting the command staff in plot development and out-of-character activities.

* Posting, in regards to promotions, refers to at least on mission-related post per week (if a mission is active) and any other in-character posts, excluding Personal Log. Promotion at the minimum is not to be expected and is at the sole discression of the Commanding Officer. You may request NOT to be promoted as you are in charge of your own character development. 

Posting Requirements:
Here are the basics:
1) All Players must post at least one mission related post every two weeks. This post may be in a joint-post or a solitary mission post, and must be of substantial length. Four weeks of unexcused inactivity, including but not limited to failure to log into the forums and/or failing to respond to emails, will necessitate the removal of the player from the SIM.
2) You must not, under any circumstances, use another players character without their knowledge or consent. This includes speaking for them and describing their actions.
3) Be courteous.
4) Keep topics such as extreme (graphic) violence, drugs references, profanities or sexual content to a minimum and in accordance with this fleet's regulations. If you wouldn't see it on Prime-Time television, don't write about it here.
5) Adhere to the Ten Rules for Successful Simming