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Commanding Officer


General Information


Michael Intermeezo


Commanding Officer









Place of Birth


Physical Appearance


6' 1"


173 lbs.

Eye Color


Hair Color




Personality & Traits

General Overview

An excellent officer with the respect of the fleet.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength: Has a great memory
Weakness: His emotions can take over sometimes


To ensure the survival of the Federation

Hobbies & Interests

He is a keen archaeologist, and enjoys studying Vulcan palaeontology


English, French, Vulcan, Japanese, Orion, Klingonese, Romulan.


Michael Intermeezo was born Maikl Intermeezo in Reteg-Al on El-Auria, on September 28th 2274. He had a relatively quiet upbringing. His father, Ornoog, was a physician, while his mother, Tawarna was a school teacher.

Due to the close proximity of their town to a merchant shipyard in Reteg-Al, Maikl grew up watching the shuttles coming and going and hoping one day he might be part of the hustle and bustle. Initially, his father was against Maikl joining the merchants. He'd already counted on Maikl taking over the Medical Practice he ran in Reteg-Al. However, as Maikl grew into his teens, and his determination increased, his father had to respect his son's wishes and allowed him to join a merchant ship just before his 18th birthday.

Less than a year later, while Mikal was away from the planet, the Borg attacked and assimilated most of the planet's inhabitants. He managed to escape onboard the SS Lakul which was transporting El-Aurian refugees to Earth. During the journey, the ship became trapped in the spacial anomaly known as the Nexus. Thankfully, the USS Enterprise-B appeared minutes later and managed to beam him and 46 others onboard seconds before the Lakul succumbed to the stresses of the Nexus.

Arriving at San Francisco in 2293, alone and without any family, he decided to travel the world and see what wonders Earth had to offer. Five years later, in 2298, he had travelled to most of the countries on the planet and also achieved great feats, such as climbing Mount Everest and sailing around the world single-handedly.

At the turn of the 24th century, he decided to settle in New York and he assumed a new name to 'fit in' with his surroundings. He started calling himself Michael and enrolled in the New York Police Academy. In 2302 he graduated and started working as a Police Officer in the Manhattan area of New York City. Within six years he had worked himself up to Detective-Specialist.

In 2345 he had been promoted to the rank of Inspector and was in charge of the 12th Precinct. However, not much is known about his life between 2345 and 2365. There is no record of his whereabouts or of his actions during that time any where.

He re-emerged in 2365 and entered Starfleet Academy. Studying General duties and ethics in the first year, Michael struggled to keep up with the work. His room-mate, Alexander Wordsworth, helped the young El-Aurian to focus his mind on his studies and enabled him to pass the first year third in his class. The rest of his time at the Academy was generally uneventful.

At the end of the fourth year, he graduated with honours and was offered a posting onboard the newly launched USS Okinawa under Captain Dorian Lewis. In 2371, he was transferred over to the USS Voyager under Captain Kathryn Janeway as it's auxiliary Science Officer. A few days after arriving onboard, Michael and the rest of the crew were transported to the Delta Quadrant by the alien known as the Caretaker. For seven years, Voyager gradually made it's way back home before finally utilizing a Borg transwarp conduit to return home to the Alpha Quadrant in 2878.

Following his return to Earth, Michael transferred to the USS Washington before serving onboard the USS Raptor for a short while. Eventually, he was posted onboard the USS Wayfarer and became it's Chief Science Officer. After only having been onboard for five years, Michael was eventually promoted in rank to Commander and given the Executive Officer spot. When the original Wayfarer was destroyed, he kept his position onboard the Wayfarer-A and Wayfarer-B.

When Captain Edana Dunmore was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 2392, Michael was promoted once again. He became Captain and Commanding Officer of the newly launched USS Wayfarer-C, a Sovereign-Class heavy cruiser.

Service Record

Year Rank Position Location
2365 Cadet, 1st Year, General Duties & Ethics Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Site
2366 Cadet, 2nd Year, Starfleet Protocol Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Site
2367 Cadet, 3rd Year, General Science Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Site
2368 Cadet, 4th Year, Science Specialist Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Site
2368 Graduated from Starfleet Academy Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Site
2369-2371 Provisional Science Officer USS Okinawa, NCC-1719-B
2371-2378 Science Officer USS Voyager, NCC-74656
2378-2380 Assistant Science Officer USS Washington, NCC-2290-C
2380-2382 Chief Science Officer USS Raptor, NCC-1104
2382 Took the 'Bridge Officer's Examination' USS Raptor, NCC-1104
2382-2385 Chief Science Officer USS Raptor, NCC-1104
2384 Undertook  'Command Training' USS Raptor, NCC-1104
2385-2391 Chief Science Officer / Second Officer USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-B
2391-2392 Executive Officer USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-B
2392-Present Commanding Officer USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-C