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Wayfarer History

HMCS Windsor (SSK 877)

HMCS Wayfarer (SSK 2728) was a long-range submarine of the Canadian Navy,
the fifth ship of the Victoria class

Commanded by: Captain Neil Wood
Name/Registry: HMCS Wayfarer/2728
Status: Retired

Space Shuttle Wayfarer (Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-2145) was one
of the four orbiters in the Space Shuttle fleet of NASA,
the space agency of the United States.

Commanded by: Colonel Christian Williams
Name/Registry: SV Wayfarer/2145
Status: Retired

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USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181 The Dawnstar class Light Cruiser represents
the cutting edge and flagship of the whole Starfleet Light Cruiser range of Starships.
The Dawnstar class shares its history with the Ambassador and Galaxy class vessels
which shows in the graceful lines of the Dawnstar class vessels. The Dawnstar class
fits the multi-role purpose with great ease and contains excellent scientific equipment
and ideal tactical systems for a vessel with a total crew of three hundred and eighty five
and twenty decks with an additional two decks held in reserve.

Commanded By: Captain Michael Intermeezo, Captain Hayward "Kit" Kitchner
Name/Registry: USS Wayfarer/NCC-28181
Status: MIA


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USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-A The Insignia class ships were one of the first
complete multi-purpose vessels in Starfleet. Designed to bolster the front lines
during the Dominion War, the Insignia class very quickly became an integral part
of the war effort. By the war's end, more than 70 Insignia-class starships were
operating within Federation space.

Commanded By: Captain Edana Morgan
Name/Registry: USS Wayfarer/NCC-28181-A
Status: Destroyed


USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-B
Despite the fact that the transwarp experiment had
 failed to deliver a revolution in space travel, the Excelsior was the most advanced
ship in the fleet, and the space-frame was still considered a success. After
the final shakedown of the USS Excelsior now equipped with a standard
warp drive Starfleet ordered the construction of additional vessels

Commanded By: Captain Edana Dunmore
Name/Registry: USS Wayfarer/NCC-28181-B
Status: Currently Active

Information Supplied By Memory Alpha, Wikipedia and Jack Katsikaris